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What makes a hotel experience memorable?

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High Quality Linen might seem like a small detail but it’s a key component in an enjoyable stay for many people – as well as a detail that makes customers want to come back. Given the importance of customer satisfaction it’s just not worth the risk of having poor quality bed linen that hasn’t been properly cared for.

That’s why choosing the right linen – and the right hotel laundry services – is vital.

The importance of high-quality hotel bed linen

  • Luxury Linen for a Luxury Experience. You simply can’t create a sense of luxury without quality, beautifully laundered bed linen. The bed is one of the biggest features in any room and conveying luxury requires a focus on quality and comfort. Linen should feel soft against the skin, whether you opt for cotton, linen or microfiber, and it should be scrupulously clean.
  • High quality hotel linen lasts longer. You’ll start to see wear and tear on lower quality bed linen almost straight away and this can be a big problem. It not only creates a cost burden because you need to invest in linen more often, but it can also affect the guest experience. Plus, there is the laundry issue – higher quality linens can withstand regular washing and remain looking and feeling good in the long term. That’s especially so if they are being washed via professional hotel laundry services.
  • A luxury hotel room aesthetic. The bed is a big part of a hotel room and often one of the first things that most guests will look at. If the linen looks cheap, badly washed, or not really cared for then that will create a very poor first impression. The aesthetics of a beautiful hotel room start with the linen and whether this is clean, crisp, and smooth. Well made, visually appealing sheets make an excellent first impression on guests and tend to feature in many reviews.
  • Increasing comfort. There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep in a bed when you’ve paid for a night at a hotel. Bed linen can have a big impact here – for example whether it’s scratchy, overly hot, or uncomfortable in other ways. With high quality linen you get optimum comfort and ensure the best possible chance of a great night’s rest.
  • Improving sleep quality. Any discomfort in a bed can result in low quality of sleep and you are guaranteed to have unhappy guests if you can’t offer a good night’s sleep. High quality bed linen materials like linen and cotton are breathable, allow for air circulation and help to prevent overheating and improve comfort.If you want to ensure that you have happy guests who will leave positive reviews and say good things about your hotel to others, then the bed linen that you use is going to have a big role to play in this.Choose quality linen and opt for professional hotel laundry services to keep it in great condition.

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