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Is a commercial laundry service faster than the alternatives?

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Speed is everything when it comes to maintaining your hospitality laundry.

One of the simplest ways to access a faster wash – without any drop in the quality of your laundry at the end of the process – is to use a commercial laundry service.

The average cycle on a commercial washer is 35-40 minutes, compared to 60-90 minutes for a non-industrial machine. That is a significant difference and could save you a lot of time, especially if you require large volumes of laundry every day.

What makes a commercial laundry service faster than the alternatives?

  • The internal plumbing is more robust. Domestic appliances are simply not designed to be in continuous use and manage large volumes of laundry. Many key components of regular washers can easily break or simply not perform when they are put under the pressure of maintaining a commercial laundry burden.

By contrast, commercial washers have a much more robust hose feed, hot water feed and fill pressure – among many other parts – which makes them better suited to performing where commercial laundry is concerned.

  • Water discharge is much faster. One of the processes that makes a big difference to how quick commercial laundry washers are is water discharge – also known as sump drainage. On a regular washer this can be pretty slow but commercial washers are much faster. In fact, a commercial laundry machine can discharge water through the sump drain in under 30 seconds compared to up to three minutes for a regular washer.
  • Much faster spin speeds. This is another key area for efficiency when it comes to commercial laundry – the faster the spin, the quicker the overall wash. The maximum RPM and G-force of your average commercial washer is much higher than the regular, domestic equivalent – even those that sit at the premium end of the market. If you have a faster spin speed means shorter cycle times and faster drying too.
  • Bigger doors. Larger doors will not directly affect how quickly commercial laundry can be processed. However, they will enable you to fit more into every wash. That means that a single load of commercial laundry can be significantly bigger with an industrial washer than with a regular washer. A bigger load means fewer washes and an increase in efficiency. It also means that it will take less time to complete the same load of laundry because it can all (or mostly) be accommodated in the one machine.
  • A higher capacity. This is a similar point to the fact that bigger doors make it easier to get through more laundry. Commercial machines have a higher capacity than regular washers. Some of the largest machines can accept to 180 kg of items in a single load, which is a lot more than a regular washer can. As a result, the time it takes to do commercial laundry is reduced and efficiency is increased.

When it comes to ensuring that you always have clean high-quality linen available then choosing a commercial laundry service from Petersfield Linen Service is the best decision every time.

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