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The Advanced Technologies that Power Commercial Laundry Processes

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Laundry services are increasingly popular, which means that more and more investment is being poured into improving the technology that supports this vital service. This not only means improving wash times and outcomes but also making laundry equipment smart – some of this kit is even more intelligent than a smartphone! These are just some of the advanced technologies that power different laundry processes today.

  • High-tech Commercial Laundry washers and polymer bead technology. When it comes to efficiency and water usage, the machines of today are streets ahead. One great example of how this laundry process is evolving is with the use of polymer bead technology. When these beads are mixed with a certain amount of water and special detergent, they can revolutionise laundry services. This is because they remove much more dirt and stains but are also gentler on fabrics. The beads are also recyclable and have a lifespan of around 100 washes.
  • Smart laundry process management. Software-driven laundry management is designed to make every element of laundry services much more efficient and effective. Automation can be applied to many different areas of laundry, whether it is recording wash load throughput or entering textile counts. Touch screen functionalities also make it much easier to use machines – and to access reporting data and analytics.? IoT and laundry. There are many ways in which the Internet of Things (IoT) is having an impact where laundry is concerned. For example, wash cycles can now be optimised thanks to IoT capable devices. Smart tagging allows for various items that are being washed to be tagged, so that information on fabrics and even wash directions is automatically reviewed. This can make a big difference because it minimises the potential for damage to items and can make every wash much more efficient.
  • Using radio frequency identification. This is something that we are increasingly seeing more of in commercial laundry services. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) involves computer chips that are embedded in the laundry so that it is easy to track where items are in the wash cycle and where they next need to be directed to. There is so much potential for powering different laundry processes here, for example using RFID to read the type of fabric and ensure an item is being directed to the right machine. RFID is also going to be essential for commercial operations where linen is being rented out – to avoid mix ups and keep track of rented pieces.
  • Dryers that do much less damage. Condensation based dryer models are increasingly making commercial laundry drying services an option. These help to protect the linen that is being dried from the kind of wear and tear that is common as a result of dryer use. There are obvious advantages to this, including that items can be dried regularly and also be long lasting.These are just some of the advanced technologies that are powering different Commercial laundry services and processes and changing the way we wash laundry today.

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