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The Importance of High-Quality Linen for Your Hotel

The Importance of High Quality Linen in your Hotel

First impressions really matter in any hotel. We enjoy a stay away with all our senses, from the way a room looks when the door is opened to the quality of linen. In fact, for many guests, it’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference in terms of whether they want to return to a hotel – as well as whether they are likely to recommend it to others. That’s why high quality linen is so important.

The bed we sleep in matters

Sleep – and the experience we have immediately before and after we sleep – are a key part of what guests remember about a hotel. Beds are vital to this, so much so that we will usually pay more to ensure that we have access to a good one. In a recent Gallup survey, for example, more than half of guests at luxury hotels said they would be willing to pay more for a better bed. In fact, the bed was the most important aspect of the stay – being ranked above even Wi-Fi access and the staff service. So, if your bed linen is currently letting you down it might be time to upgrade.

Transform what you offer

There is no doubt that great bed linen can upgrade the experience that guests have in a hotel from mediocre to luxe. If you’re looking for a simple way to improve the experience that guests have with you, new, high quality bed linen is one of the simplest ways to achieve this. It delivers on so many areas of expectations for guests, from the way that the room looks when they first enter it to ensuring that a comfortable night’s sleep is had by all.

The best possible night’s sleep

According to recent research, we have the best night’s sleep when the linen we are sleeping in is clean, comfortable and fresh. Good quality linen helps to ensure that your hotel guests will enjoy this kind of sleep every time they stay with you, significantly increasing the chances that they will return. Linen quality often features in online reviews too, which can have a big impact on whether someone chooses to book the hotel in the first place.

Quality shows you care

High quality bed linen demonstrates to guests that every care has been taken to ensure that they have the best possible experience at the hotel. It shows that money and effort have been invested into putting together a room that will exceed expectations and feel comfortable and luxurious. This kind of detail often forms the foundation of vital relationships with customers going forward. As consumers, all of us want to know that our needs are going to be taken care of and this kind of obvious investment in quality speaks volumes about how much that really matters.

High quality linen makes a great first impression for your hotel. It also shows a commitment to standards and provides the opportunity to upgrade the guest experience.

If you would like to upgrade your Linen Hire Service to the next level contact us, and we’ll make sure your guests know that you care.

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