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A Guide to Commercial Linen – Choosing the Right Linen for Your Establishment

Choosing the Right Linen for Your Establishment

There are a lot of advantages to using Commercial Linen. Not only does it help to support a professional aesthetic and create a positive first impression but it can also take a considerable burden off your team when linen services are being outsourced. Commercial Linen comes in a wide variety of different options and can be used for many different tasks. Here’s our guide on what the options are and how to get the best out of Commercial Linen for your establishment.

What counts as Commercial Linen?

It’s essentially any kind of fabric that you’re using while servicing the needs of customers in your establishment. So, it could be napkins and tablecloths in a restaurant, for example, or towels and sheets in a hotel. Most public-facing establishments today will have some element of linen involved in their service and there is usually a Commercial Linen option. Commercial Linen can be used to wow, to decorate and also to provide luxury and comfort.

Why is linen so popular?

Linen is a very popular option for something like bedsheets, for example, because it’s a porous fabric that will naturally wick sweat and heat away from the body. It also has natural fibres, which can not only make linen more comfortable and give it a more luxurious feel but also means that it’s a fabric that is better at holding dye. Linen also has a range of antibacterial properties that make it ideal for situations where hygiene is a top priority.

What are the options with Commercial Linen?

Sheets and bedding. If your establishment provides somewhere for people to sleep then you want this to be of the best possible quality – which means linen is the obvious choice. Using Commercial Linen can ensure that you’re providing the best quality available – and washing it with a commercial laundry is a guarantee that it will always be freshly cleaned and laundered when it’s being used by your guests. Commercial Linen retains softness and comfort in every wash and tends to get better with age. It’s also the case that linen sheets and bedding have twice the durability of cotton bedding and sheets, which can make this a much more cost effective investment. If you’re not keen to invest in a large volume of Commercial Linen then there is also the option to hire what you need.

Table linen. Another Commercial Linen option that is vital in the restaurant business is table linen. Clean, fresh table linen is often considered an indication of establishment quality. It also has a role to play in guest experience, as it will absorb the liquid from any spills and is soft to the touch. Again, using a commercial laundry to wash your table linen ensures consistent standards of excellence and quality.

From sheets to table linen, there are lots of options where Commercial Linen is concerned – if you want to ensure that your establishment has a quality aesthetic, then it’s essential.

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