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6 Signs your business needs a commercial laundry service

6 Signs your business needs a commercial laundry service

When you own a business there are always lots of spinning plates to balance. It can be a daily game of trying to monitor and maintain everything to ensure that your enterprise is operationally sound. If one of your ‘plates’ is linen, then a commercial laundry service might make all the difference. Here are the 6 signs that your business needs this kind of expert support.

  1. You’ve noticed that cleaning is inconsistent when done in-house. If you’re currently cleaning your own linens and you’ve noticed that they’re not looking good then it might be time for a commercial laundry service. That could be chefs’ whites that have stains on, for example, or tablecloths that don’t have that sparkling white finish. A commercial laundry service will have the machines, and the expertise, to ensure that standards never dip.
  2. Managing laundry is taking up too much time. For most businesses, laundry management isn’t going to be a core activity so it shouldn’t take up too much time. If you find that dealing with laundry is too big a part of your day then working with a commercial laundry service could free up vital hours that could be better spent elsewhere in the business.
  3. Your premises has limited space. Any kind of linen will take up space on your premises, whether it is being washed and dried or stored for future use. If you have space limitations, then this isn’t an optimum way to use the premises that you have. Using a commercial laundry service means that you don’t have to deal with linens on the premises at all. A regular pick-up and collection service means that, if your linens aren’t in use, then they are being picked up to be laundered. So you don’t have to worry about where to store them or where to deal with the laundering process.
  4. Scaling is daunting. If your business starts to grow, then you may need to significantly increase the linen volume that you use. This can be intimidating if it requires an up front investment and then taking responsibility for the linen on an ongoing basis. With a commercial laundry service, you can scale up demand for linen whenever you need to – without a huge expense – and then scale it down to reduce your costs if necessary, too.
  5. Your linens have specialised cleaning needs. A commercial laundry service brings a high level of expertise to the table when it comes to linens. So, if your linen needs to comply with a certain level of hygiene and safety, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they have the equipment and experience to manage this.
  6. Current arrangements aren’t cost-effective. Laundry equipment and staff can generate high costs, not just up front but on an ongoing basis. Using a commercial laundry service minimises these costs in your budget and means that you can use resources more effectively elsewhere.

Whether laundry is too time-consuming, standards are low or linens are taking up a lot of space, these are some of the signs that a commercial laundry service would be beneficial for your business.

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